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Empowering Master Codes

Empowerment Master Codes

Energy Healing Master Codes are Attunements, which are practically the same as Reiki Attunements. The only difference is that Reiki Initiations of all kind are complete pre-arranged energy packages, while energy healing codes are specific sequences or codes that are individually created by Higher Beings such as Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Holy Spirit, Christ and many other blessed Beings. There intention is to help you to realize and develop your full spiritual potential and contracts done by you with the creator and specifically with the cosmic karmic council you negotiated your reincarnation with, before you came back to earth. The most important aspects of these Healing Codes are the clearance of your negative pattern you constantly create, the alignment to your Higher Aspects of your spirit and soul and finally boosting your light quotient. The light quotient is what stays with you for the eternity. The rest of your experiences are merely constructed environmental frames to learn, to experience and to spiritually grow. Your purpose is to control the energy provided by our creator. That is mainly to control your thoughts, emotions and to develop spiritual maturity. That's why these Master Codes and the other energy transmissions are a personal gift to you from the creator.

These Empowering Master Codes are a series
of fifteen Melchizedek Master Code transmissions.

"Greetings I AM Melchizedek and it is with great joy that I announce the New Empowering Master Codes. As you read this message, please open your hearts, dear ones, and connect with my energy.  I and many other Councils of Love have been working to raise love quotient on Gaia to inaugurate the New World or Golden Age.
Many of you who are reading this are high level initiates in the Order of Melchizedek.  You originated in many different time-space continuums in this and other universes and you came here to awaken your mastery and to ignite the ascension of humanity and Gaia. That time is now dear ones. It is time for you to awaken into the mastery that you are.  These Empoering Master Codes are very powerful and will open your heart, awaken your memory and activate your mastery at very deep levels. 

These Codes transmit a multitude of clearing, healing, empowerment and enlightenment frequencies and vibrations.  The energies of the Empowerment Master Codes are much deeper than third dimensional words can ever convey.  The colors and the composition of each transmission are encoded with literally zillions of frequencies that are calibrated to each of you in the NOW.  Every time that you feel drawn to listen to the CD, you will download in that moment whatever is aligned with your highest good and that honor where and who you are spiritually.

It is very important that you honor your intuition – the inner guidance and internal navigation system that each of you receives from the great master residing within your heart – as to when and how often you should listen to this Audio. The frequencies the Creator has encoded into these Empowering Master Codes are far, far beyond words.  Each of the CD's are very unique energetically just as each of you is very unique in the tapestry of energies you carry within your vast, infinite consciousness. The image on the CD is encoded with an energetic snapshot of that aspect of the Empowering Master Code that resonates with you most, so that you can tune in and aligne with your heart."  (Melchizedek)

The purpose of these Empowering Master Codes is to upgrade you energetically to prepare you to open your heart more and more and to raise your love quotient.

  1. Melchizedek Empowering Master Code for the Atomic, Sub-Atomic and Adamantine Particle Levels  
  2. Melchizedek Empowering Master Code for the Aura and Electromagnetic Energy Fields
  3. Melchizedek Empowering Master Code for the Cellular Memory  
  4. Melchizedek Empowering Master Code for the Central Nervous and Endocrine Gland Systems  
  5. Melchizedek Empowering Master Code for the Chakras, Meridians and Energetic Systems  
  6. Melchizedek Empowering Master Code for the DNA/RNA/ENA and Genetics  
  7. Melchizedek Empowering Master Code for the Energetic Spaces, Bodies, Organs and Systems  
  8. Melchizedek Empowering Master Code for the Inner Child and Wounded Children  
  9. Melchizedek Empowering Master Code for the Minds, Brains and Neuro-Nets  
  10.  Melchizedek Empowering Master Code for the Multidimensional Heart  
  11.  Melchizedek Empowering Master Code for the Past Life and Genetic Archives  
  12.  Melchizedek Empowering Master Code for the Personality, Sub-Personalities, Shadow and Ego  
  13.  Melchizedek Empowering Master Code for the Quantum Fields, Parts and Particles  
  14.  Melchizedek Empowering Master Code for the Soul and Soul Matrix  
  15.  Melchizedek Empowering Master Code for the Over-Soul and Over-Soul Matrix

    Open your Heart Now !

You will receive all attunement codes above as a distant attunement and additionally on a CD, which is enhanced with deep meditation and brainwave entrainment background sound to deepen the initiation level. Every time you will listen to this CD, your Higher Self will integrate these codes on the optimal energetic level.

You receive furthermore the Ebook ‘ Transform Your Fear into Love’ for FREE.

Also included is a working sheet on how to practically open your heart and develop more love approach.

After you have paid over the secure server of PayPal
I will send the Ebook to your e-mail and the CD via international Postal Service FREE within 14 days worldwide.

For any questions please contact me.

Here you can find more prestine Quantum tranfortmation codes which will enhance your Spiritual Journey and reconnect you to the divine blueprints which are already within you. They are called Quantum Transformation Codes becaus they will be integrated on the subatmoic quantum level of your being and have also have effect on your other extensions in other realities and time codes. These Codes are beyond time and space and will effect you for eternity:

ascended master codes
Ascended Master Codes The Master Hierachy includes gracious Master alignements, where you can access the precious master vibration you radiate with.
Clearing Master Codes

Clearing Master Codes
The Clearing Master Codes include intense clearing processes as well as activations to assist people in living as a master in the third and fourth dimensional world we call Earth.

Ascension Master Codes
Ascension Master Codes
The most important aspects of these Healing Codes are the clearance of your negative pattern you constantly create, the alignment to your Higher Aspects of your spirit and soul and finally boosting your light quotient.
Mystery Master Codes
Mystery Master Codes
These twenty-six sequencing Mystery Master Codes help you to awaken your inner divinity and the attributes of mastery and mystic that reside within your multidimensional heart.
Starseed Master Codes
Starseed Master Codes
These series of codes are powerful starseed blessings, activations and star-gate alignments that are part of the cosmic heart-oriented approach to ascension. Each of these powerful mastery activations help provide YOU the energetic support light-workers, healers and starseeds need to accomplish their world service contracts with the Creator
Angelic Healing Codes
Angelic Healing Codes
Angelic Healing Codes are a very easy, simple way to receive sacred Angelic Healing activations, attunements, healings and clearings from the Angelic Councils of Love who are here to assist all beings in this world and planet to bring in great healing, great mastery and to assist beings to embody the highest state of love that they can.
Enlightment Master Codes Enlightment Master Codes
The Enlightenment Master Codes are a spiritual blessings from the Creator to assist beings like you on this planet with clearings, healings and activations of self-mastery that will help to attune into the emerging Golden Age.

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