Inner Mastery


Releasing the Past: Transforming Negativity, Guilt, Shame and Judgment

Whether conscious or not, guilt and shame are very insidious negative influences that keep us in punishing and self-sabotage behaviours and patterns. For example, financial failure or constraint, and relationship problems are common unconscious effects we may choose in order to punish ourselves. Bad investments or bad choices in partners are prime examples of ways in which we play out our shame and feelings of inadequacy.

Guilt and regret cause us to relive and do penance for our perceived failures, and true resolution is missed altogether because our consciousness is stuck in self-judgment. In regret, our consciousness is frozen in time; guilt is like banging our head repeatedly against a wall.  All three--guilt, regret, and shame-- place hard limitations on our life, suppressing our level of joy and ability to reach for greater personal fulfilment. They stifle life, which then creates fear--fear of life, fear of lack, fear of failure, fear of success, etc. As long as you have unresolved guilt and shame, you will not allow yourself to experience a life without limits, which is true prosperity consciousness.

Negative self-talk is another means of maintaining levels of shame and guilt that we have grown accustomed to. With all these bad-feeling habits and no means to resolve them, we then tend to blame others and our past, which only makes us feel disempowered and locked into our unhappy circumstances. It is very difficult to move out of these limiting states when our internal dialogue is continually suppressing us and undermining any hope of self-esteem.

If people just cleared away their guilt and shame and embraced their innocence and goodness, they would be well on their way to the life of their dreams and new levels of freedom and prosperity in all areas of life.  This Distant Healing Session is devoted to supporting you in doing this healing. It will deliver body codings that will ferret out and transform these negative emotional states that may be keeping you in self-punishing and painful limitation.

The session will help you to break free from all those negative and destructive habits and embrace new, self-loving and self-nurturing ways of being that are increasingly free of judging by appearances and by the past. And with less judgment, your power of clear thought will strengthen and your level of fear will decrease noticeably.  These activations will support you to seeing the past and understanding yourself in a new light, allowing for divine truth and wisdom to be increasingly revealed to you.  The possibility and the impulse to create anew in every moment will be strengthened, as will the impulse to see yourself and life more truthfully, from the clear mind of the Higher Self.

Nothing changes in your life, until your consciousness/subconsciousness changes! Seize this opportunity to make important shifts in consciousness that will open you to greater prosperity in life. If you feel it's time to make significant change and reach for a life without limits, you will want to participate in this session.

In this activations-packed session, you will receive the following:


You will receive all attunement codes above as a distant attunement and additionally on a CD, which is enhanced with deep meditation and brainwave entrainment background sound to deepen the initiation level. Every time you will listen to this CD, your Higher Self will integrate these codes on the optimal energetic level.

The Cost of this each life changing CD is only $ 69 USD. You will also receive the Ebook
'Transform Fear into Love' for FREE.

Also included is a working sheet on how to practically open your heart and develop more love approach.