The Important Law of Attraction Steps


The Law of Attraction steps are the law of the Truth. The Law of Attraction Steps are in accordance to the law of Inner Mastery. You can only attract from the outside what is within you.  Therefore the main reason of being, achieving and enjoying  what you strive for, is being a Master of your Inner Self. That is why I created all these offers here in that place, to clear, heal and optimize your energy bodies. The final purpose is to realign with the Creator.

The Law of Attraction Steps Which Bring You Success

Some  people  it  seems  are  struggling  to  enjoy success  with  The  Law  of  Attraction Steps  for  one fundamental reason; they are thinking too much about how The  Law  of  Attraction Steps work, and such thoughts form the basis of doubt and therefore lack of faith in the process, which in turn will block or at least  slow down the creative process.

One of the absolute conditions of attracting your reality through The Law of Attraction is "Faith"; this does not mean "faith" in a religious sense, but faith in who you really are, your relationship to The Source, and in your power as a creator with truly unlimited powers of creation.

First then let us review some Universal Law of Attraction Steps that apply to us all:

1. Law of Attraction Step:  Everything in creation, in all "dimensions" i.e. levels of Energy and vibration from The Source, The First Cause, the "Father" to the 3 dimensional Universe of Matter is one principle; Universal Mind, in which we "live and move and have our Being".

2. Law of Attraction Step:  We are all, without exception, individualized channels of creation, expression and experience of the Universal Mind.

3. Law of Attraction Step:  Mind,  in  the  human  being has  two  aspects;  Subjective  and  Objective,  often known  as Subconscious and Conscious.

4. Law of Attraction Step:  Our Subjective, Subconscious Mind is under the complete control of our Objective, Conscious Mind.

5. Law of Attraction Step:  The Subjective, Subconscious Mind has complete control over every aspect of our experience, from the management of all of our bodily functions which most people are unconscious of, to realizing all of our desires in the from of "thought forms" either directly, as in the case of healing, or through the Universal Mind in the case of everything else.

The Subconscious Mind is seamlessly connected to the Universal Mind, and therefore all Subconscious Minds are connected to each other; this is how our wishes come to us.

Creations of The Source, The First Cause, "God" arrive directly from that Source, while those things of humans; e.g. houses, cars, clothes etc. arrive through humans. For this reason self- healing is a direct function of the Subconscious Mind acting on the physical body, and is not therefore the Law of Attraction as such.

It is important to realize that The Law of Attraction or Spiritual Healing is not a Harry Potter type process where one utters a spell, waves a wand and our wishes arrive in a puff of smoke, these are rather natural Universal process that always harmoniously follow the most efficient creative processes. It is absolutely crucial to learn these truths and assimilate them completely into your Being; only then will have you complete faith in the creative process behind the Law of Attraction Steps.

In order to understand these relationships of The Law of Attraction Steps better, we can perform a simple experiment:

Take a large sheet of thin paper, e.g. newspaper, and punch 5 large holes in the paper corresponding to the position of your fingers and thumb. Now push your fingers through the holes.

What do we see? On the surface we see 5 separate fingers representing 5 people. According to the sense of sight these "people" all appear to be totally "separate". However; if we look underneath the sheet of paper we see the hand, or Universal principle, to which all of the separate fingers, or people belong, and which unites the five people by one common principle.

So you see, "separateness" is only an illusion, but an illusion that causes people to believe they are "on their own" because they fail to see what lies just beneath the surface.

This is what is meant by "faith" and "Belief" within the pages of the Bible, i.e. not a blind or an abstract "belief" in "God" or Jesus, it means faith in the infinite power of your own Subconscious Mind and its connection with the Universal Mind, and "belief" that accordingly we have unlimited powers of creation as aspects of the infinite, The Source, The Prime Creator.

So to conclude The  Law  of  Attraction Steps, let us take a look at the creative or more specifically "attractive" processes that we all enjoy.

If we desire something and want to apply The Law of Attraction Steps, the process is as follows:

  • Create a thought form by imagining, feeling, visualizing, with as much emotion as possible the object of your desire as if it is an absolute reality Now; which it actually is from the moment this thought form is first created by the conscious, objective Mind and impressed on the subjective, Subconscious Mind.

  • Continue to impress this thought form on the subjective, i.e. Subconscious Mind by frequent focus on it, using all of the above as often as possible, never allowing contrary thoughts, always knowing it is absolutely true right Now and feeling the gratitude.
  • It  is  crucially  important  to  have  absolute  Faith in  this  process,  and  belief  that  all  things  are possible as an aspect of God and therefore as an infinitely powerful co-creator in the Universe.
  • In order to experience your desires, you must maintain harmony with those desires in order to receive them. This means thinking and behaving as if you have the object of your desires right Now, and feeling the gratitude, feelings and emotions associated with it
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