What was Lemuria like?

One must not forget that time is an illusion that brings depth to physical experience. All happens at the same time.

Like Lemurians, every civilization built pyramids (click here to learn more about pyramids). This symbolizes spiraling consciousness and ascenion to the place of the gods and goddesses who reside 'above' our 3D reality. It existed - or exist parallel to our reality - and build these monuments and worshipped so form of gods.

Wasit home to a gentle race of mystics and dreamers or was Lemuria an advanced society whose technology helped bring it down? The same is said about the fall of Atlantis (click here to learn more about Atlantis) and the fall of our current reality program.

Most sources claim Lemurians were much more like modern humans, living in an idyllic paradise, largely agrarian with lush forests and an abundance of flowers and fruit trees. Feminine principles of sharing, cooperation, and creativity produced a society virtually free of crime, strife, and warfare. Lemurians were only vegetarians and lived in harmony with nature and other creatures, and they had a highly developed psychic and telepathic senses, which were applied in practical endeavors such as horticulture. People believed in 'mind over matter' and was adept at manifestation and other 'reality creating' techniques. The tradition survives, some claim, in the Polynesian concept of mana and various fire-walking ceremonies throughout the region.

Even traditional anthropologists are puzzled by a pre-Polynesian culture that stretched across most of the Pacific. Widely separated locales displayed astonishing similarities in village life, religious cults, myths, and foods such as coconuts, bananas, and taro. Over time each area, such as Polynesia, grew more diverse and distinctive and eventually lost contact with the other. The languages of this culture were thought to be Austronesian., which includes hundreds of related tongues still found today from Polynesia to distant Madagascar.

What happened to the Lemurians?

No one can prove what happened to Lemuria. Did the entire continent fall - just as other civilizations have believed to disappeared in the past?

Hopi Legend on Lemurians

Down on the bottom of the seas lie all the proud cities, the flying patuwvotas, and the worldly treasures corrupted with evil. Faced with disaster, some people hid inside the earth while others escaped by crossing the ocean on reed rafts, using the islands as stepping-stones.

The same story of escape to dry land appears in the Popol Vuh - the Mayan story of Creation.

According to the Rosicrucians of San Jose, California, the disastrous cycle began with volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and collapse of subterranean gas belts. Magnetic waves started moving around the globe, and Lemuria began to go under. Fortunately, there was time enough for small groups to salvage part of Lemuria's precious wisdom, which was stored in crystals (click here for Atlantis crystals).

It is claimed that the Elders of Lemuria, known as the Thirteenth School, moved their headquarters prior to the cataclysm to the uninhabited plateau of Central Asia that we now call Tibet. Here they allegedly established a library and school known as 'The Great White Brotherhood' (click here to learn more about ascended masters).

Symbolic drawing made in 1931 by Mayan glyph researcher, James Churchward, depicting a cataclysm of earthquakes and volcanoes that allegedly sank the continent of Mu in the Pacific Ocean.


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