Lightworker are people who have chosen to seek spiritual knowledge and have made the choice to do their part to assist Earth and Mankind in their ascension.

Lightworker is a term given to those who are actively on the spiritual path. Not all Lightworkers are starseed or walk-ins and not all starseeds and walk-ins are Lightworkers. It is when the individual makes the conscious choice to begin their spiritual path and assist others that they become a Lightworker.

This is for YOU….

From ancient callings through long history converging this day, I celebrate a new calling today, a calling evolutionary & noble, of the highest Ideal, a calling going out to all who taste the taste of Light divine, who now in your hearts dedicate yourselves lifelong to be workers of Light divine - The Lightworker I celebrate, you I envision before me - For your effort, in your own individual way, cupping your hand to taste the taste of Light divine, I honor you as you face the challenge of this day, you no longer guess & hedge & slink back to conventional securities.

What courage this compact you make with Self to bring the gift of  Light to this planet, in this decadent, declining, material- shackled, Postmodern chapter of our history - You, the Lightworker, with passionate aspiration, you bring the Vision of a New Age before the disillusioned, disoriented, media- drunken  masses fed daily on confusion.

You, the Lightworker, engaged in inner labor without guarantee of outer reward, you dedicate yourself to the soul labor of self-transformation.

You, the Lightbearer, willing to step into the cruel & callous & cynical, sharp-toothed-&-clawed social arena.

You, the Lightgiver, guiding Light into the body with hands of etheric healing energy, clearing & opening auras & chakras, healing nerves & muscles & bones, you draw energy down into tissue & even cell.

You, the Lightfocus, listening with Light & talking Light into shadowy & tenebrous corridors & recesses of self, you counsel & support & encourage others on the Path.

You, the Lightworker, focusing Light through cards, numbers, colors & crystals, planets & signs, you skilled yourself at seeing into Time.

You, the Lightworker, medium of Light, channeling Light in hushed rooms, clairvoyant with Light outside limitations of 3rd density continuum, you help others to peer outside into the Larger Self.

You, the Lightworker, schooled in the Light of wisdom traditions taken to heart, now the itinerant teacher sharing the honey of Light.

You, the Lightworker, embodying Light into works of visionary art, you revitalize our profane culture with Spirit, you are herald of the Mythos of the New Age dispensation.

You, the Lightworker, wanderer of worlds, incarnate from elsewhere, you realize in your essence after struggle why you are here, what  Mission on this planet among planets in all the far-flung star systems & galaxies & other dimensions.

You, the Lightworker, in contact with other intelligence, you face unjust ridicule yet prepare our people, you grope with new concepts to wrench us from its-time-is-up established paradigm, shifting us into new consciousness, inviting the agents of our evolution to draw nearer.

The New Age calls its workers of Light- Heralds, harbingers, Guides, beacons, healers, transformers, teachers & visionaries, You see the veils of separation & ignorance, of mental perception,  falling away, you share Light to help make Earth whole, to help birth a New Being -  I celebrate you, Lightworker, at this threshold of a New Millennium!

 I celebrate all of you, Lightworkers, who open doors into the New Millennium!

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