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Spiritual Journey


This service is important to raise the vibration of earth and accordingly in the other realms. Your own aura – including the pysical, astral and mental body – will be filled with light and spiritual joy. Before you start the service you have to consider several important steps:

  • Do 5 minutes physical exercise do clean the etheric body.
  • Call upon your spiritual leader (everbody has) and ask him for guidance and protection. EXAMPLE: Father in heaven and to my spiritual leader, I call upon your divine Mercy. I ask your protection, leadership, help and illumination. GOD I trust in you.
  • Then for 5 minutes do deep breathing. The rythm pattern is : 7 – 1 – 7 – 1 breath 7 counts in – hold 1 – breath 7 counts out – hold 1. Repeat for 5 minutes.


(say it loud or silent)

    1. Take three candles or imagnine three candles and say loud or silent: Oh divine light, source of the Highest that ‘I AM ‘ we bless this candles as the symbol of the holy trinity within us the flame of POWER… WISDOM… and LOVE.


    Almighty, source of all love, fill us with your light and divine power and let us enlighten your world with your holiness. Great divine beings, ascended masters and angels support our efforts to bless Life and the world. We thank you for your presence.


    Imagine a blue belt that surrounds you and protects you physically, emotionally and mentally from all evil and lower vibration that might disturb your service.


    The blue light surrounds and protects me in the physical, astral and mental realm. So be it.
    We enter now the temple of Master SAINT GERMAIN in the realm of the Violet flame. (Visualize to enter the temple or just be in this colour)
    We call upon the violet flame and archangel Zadkiel to pull Back and eliminate all thoughts, words, emotions and actions that don’t have Origin in th e realm of God. Please clean our bodies, spirit and souls. We thank heartfully the great MASTER SAINT GERMAIN of helping us.
    Next is the gold ruby realm. This is the temple of peace under the guidance of MASTER NADA.
    We are inside this flame and breath in the power of piece. (Breathing pattern 7 inhale –1hold - 7 exhale – 1 hold).


    I AM the peace within myself and the peace of the whole world. (Repeat 6 times)
    Now we are in the moos green golden colour . We might ask for healing of ourselves, family members, friends and/or the whole world.


    We thank you for bringing healing to us and the whole world.

LOVE – the center of existence

    This is the center of the center – the origin of the origin – the motor of existence. We feel surrounded and infiltrated by the rose colored flame of the unconditionally love of GOD.

We breath in the power of love in the 6 inhale – 2 hold – 6 exhale – 2 hold breath pattern.


    I was LOVE – I will be LOVE – but above all I AM LOVE.
    Finally we release the energy we have received back to earth and other realms. Now we are LIGHT and this LIGHT we heartfully contribute to GOD ‘s creation. That’s why it is called LIGHTWORK. You do efforts to serve GOD. And GOD is the highest aspect of LIGHT.


    Imagine and/or stretch your hands towards the earth. We send light, peace, healing and unconditional love to mother earth. We send it to all humankind, animals, minerals, and all elementar beings. The LIGHT reaches the oceans, rivers, trees, flowers, crystals and the whole nature. (Visualize how the LIGHT distributes) There will be LOVE, LIGHT and PEACE in this world.
    We imagine now to drink a golden chalice filled with the HOLY SPIRIT. (drink)


    Oh Almighty please lead me the way to your heart and help me to be the best that ‘I AM’.


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