Monad Congruency

One of the most important things is to align as much as possible with the highest level aspect of  your soul and monad. This feeling of alignment with your Source energy – is called spiritual Monad congruency. The monad is the aspect of ourselves that is most connected to the Creator and GOD.

Congruency is a mathematical term meaning geometric shapes are congruent if the two shapes both has the same size and shape. So - your personality/physical body self should have as similar a size and shape as your monad/true/authentic self. In a way spiritual Monad congruency really boils down to how true we are to who we truly are. It is about being authentic which is one of human core values.

You realize what spiritual congruency means, when you communicate online. As people who hang out in chatrooms know, the chat room self that chats with you is often quite different than the personality self that you meet physically which might be disconcerting. You might realize this pattern after meeting people you really enjoyed chatting with but found much less enjoyable real.

That might let you think who you are online, at work, at home or with friends and family. To explore your different attitudes and behaviors might be a very interesting journey and you find out a lot about yourself and monad.

One of the things you should be aware of is how aligned you feel to the highest level aspect of your monad and soul at any given moment of time.  You should aim to operate from that place and level all the time. To reach this goal I offer you several alignment attunements to come closer to this pristine goal.

The purpose of life is to feel more whole and complete and spiritual congruency is one measure that moves in the right direction. The more aligned you are with the highest-level aspect of your soul and monad, the more congruent all levels of you life will be energetically.

Children for example, operate from a space of spiritual monad congruency with who they truly are and live more authentically at least until they begin to be taught and buy into mass consciousness. It takes a lot of energy to be noncongruent since this is not our natural state of consciousness.

So I challenge each of you to look at the different roles you play in your life and see how aligned energetically you are to your highest-level aspect of your monad and soul.  And if you find that you are not feeling very congruent, I encourage you to begin devoting some time and energy toward nurturing that alignment.

Here are the Monad Congruency Codes that lead you the way: