The pendulum is basically an amplifier. It is a tool that helps you to access the collective unconsciousness and your Higher Self. You can get answers to anything you can come up with.

Every one is basically capable of working with the tool. Learning to work with it is like learning to play an instrument. It requires constant practice and experimentation Making mistakes is part of the learning process. The results you get will reflect your stage of spiritual/mental development.

You should not use the tool for egoistic reasons. Use it only for the well being of others or yourself.

REMEMBER: Swinging it requires that you be undivided and totally present in the moment.


Depending what are they used for, they can be for: healing specific illnesses, for adjusting chakras, teleradiesthesia (distance healing, map dowsing).

They can also be: Simple: tear drop, ball-shaped, conical, spiral, made from brass, copper, crystal, wood, ceramic.

Or with their own radiation: Universal Pendulum, Osiris, Isis, Karnak, Mer-Isis, Atlantis...


When selecting follow your intuition and choose one that you like. You can make it yourself if you take a thread and hang a weigh on it which can be any object you like. The thread can be 15 to 20 cm long. Tie a knot in the thread at the length where the swing it feels the best.


You can ask about anything you like with it if the question can be answered with YES or NO. But first you have to determine what each movement means for you.

Take a seated position at a desk or table. Place you feet flat on the floor resting your elbow on the desk. Hold it by the end of chain between your thumb and index finger. Make sure that your upper body and back are straight, that the energy can flow freely. Put your other hand flat on the table. Relax. Let your breath flow calmly. Make sure before you start that you will be undistracted. Do not swing it when you are tired.

Hold it over the center of the illustration shown below and you ask: “What does a YES look like?” than “What does a NO look like?”



This can turn in the following directions: up-down, left-right or in a circle.



Practice several times a day for at least a week. Once you have determined your YES and NO do not deviate from it. When you programmed your pendulum test it. Prove to yourself that it really works. Ask questions you already know the answer. Otherwise always assume an unattached and unbiased attitude.

When you have determined a clear Yes and No, ask it how it swings for “I do not want to answer” or “I can not answer that.”

REMEMBER: a correct answer will follow only when the question is asked in the right way.


You should test it for accuracy before you begin to work. Use a numbered chart 1-100% and ask how accurate it is. The ideal would be 100%. If it is below 60% do not swing it, ask about the reasons or try some other time when rested and calm.




REMEMBER: the answer you get refer to the present moment only. It can partially or completely change at another time or place.


You can place it directly over an object and test it. You may want to test your water, groceries, medications, gemstones, flower remedies, determine what therapies are good for you by writing down the name of couple of them. You can test the energy of your house, evaluate your sleeping space, and more.

In order to work easier with it, you can work with charts, like the Meditation Techniques, Color, Past and Future Life, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy Oils, Tea or Chakra Chart, just to mention a few.