Without question reincarnation is one of the most misunderstood aspects of life among the majority of people - or at least those who believe in it in the first place.

Most people who do believe in reincarnation believe that the current personality which represents themselves on Earth now will return to the inner spheres for a time, for example the Astral, before deciding to return again in the "future" as another person.

What does reincarnation mean?

To answer this question about reincarnation we need to look at who we really are.

Our true Self is actually our "Higher Self", Who is the total of all our experiences on Earth and in the Astral and then Mental worlds before reincarnation takes part with that particular "package" of experience.

Each "package of experience" in a reincarnation enhances the Higher Self and therefore the entire Being that comprises the Higher Self.

It is the objective of the Higher Self to collect as much experience in a particular reincarnation, as necessary to move on from the cycle of sending "representatives" to Earth to collect experience, to much greater things, the likes of which are beyond the comprehension of most - everyone will, without exception, achieve these exalted states.

It is worth pointing out at this stage that the Higher Self is a perfect reflection of the Universe - everything that occurs does so in the direction of experience, expansion and thereby perfection - this applies to every level of life from The Source all the way to individual expressions on Earth.

As we evolve, groups of Higher Selves  get together to form Entities that empathetically cooperate to help evolution lower down the ladder, and so it is until eventually all Beings are just one single entity - The Source, The First Cause - God, the Logos.

Now the process of reincarnation can be related to a wheel – the wheel, along with the seed and fertile fields makes an excellent analogy for explaining sometimes difficult, conceptually, subjects to understand.

If we look at a wooden cart wheel, we see it has a hub at the centre, spokes radiating from the hub, eventually joining the outer rim of the wheel.

In this context the wheel represents the following:

Hub - the Higher Self
Spokes - time lines relative to Earth
Rim - the physical Universe

The hub, the Higher Self is the total of all physical lives and "future" lives relative to Earth. It can be likened to the facets of a glittering rough diamond which becomes a perfect diamond once all of the facets have been polished - each physical life reincarnation adds a bit more polish to the diamond as a whole.

Each spoke represents an individual reincarnation experience which takes place by first starting at the rim, for example Earth, and then progresses back up each spoke eventually returning to the hub.

Now - before sending another personality down a spoke to arrive on Earth for another life, the Higher Self first needs to understand exactly what "package" of experience is required for a certain aspect of evolution and therefore perfection.

The Higher Self will then send a suitable personality down that spoke.

As you will remember, the rim is the planet Earth and the rim is also circular - this means that the Higher Self can send a personality down any spoke and arrive at any time-line in the history of Earth or any other planet in the physical Universe.

The Higher Self also chooses for the incarnation cycle which country, location and parents would best present the opportunities and experiences required for this particular "incarnation". So the Higher Self could for example send a personality as a female in one incarnation, who will be born to a family of bakers living in London, England in the year 1862.

Another reincarnation personality of the Higher Self might be a male born to a doctor and his wife living in India in 1999.

Another personality might be a son born to a Saxon noble family of land owners in early medieval times and so on. It is important to understand that these personalities are not sent by the Higher Self sequentially, i.e. one at a time. All reincarnations of a human being take place concurrently, i.e simultaneously relative to the Higher Self - we only experience the illusion called "time" while here on Earth.

It is therefore possible for hundreds or even thousands of yourself to be living in the Astral all at the same time, although you might not know it. This is why the Astral is populated with countless trillions of people and beings from other planets living in the infinite Astral planes all at the same time.

The Astral planes are only transient however  - they have been created by the Minds of Beings such as humans after what they experienced on Earth, believing it to be "reality".

The reality is that the Astral will dissipate once this phase of evolution of the Universe is complete, an eternal process, just as all illusions dissipate sooner or later.

The Astral worlds are not "home" or "heaven", they are simply a necessary step for most people at this time on their way back to their own Higher Self with the package of information gained on Earth, then the Astral and then Mental realms of life and reality.

The spoke of each life passes through the Astral and Mental planes before reuniting with the hub of the Higher Self.

I hope that has provided some useful insight into this most important process.

The highest and most noble condition to aspire to and achieve on Earth is self-realization, at which the cycle of reincarnation is broken forever.

Unfortunately mankind has traveled a path for the last few thousand years at least that goes against achieving these objectives as materialism, self interest, service to self before service to others, fuelled by an uncontrolled ego, creed, dogma and indoctrination have ruled.

Time is running out as we approach the end of this great age, and everyone must make every effort to make maximum use of the time that remains - this is why you are here on this website.