Star Gate

A Star Gate is a place where spiritual or Light energies of two or more dimensions impinge. Star gate can  be used to go from one dimension to another and back again. Also employed to move spiritual energies that maintain Creation from one dimension to another. Named as Star gate, because most often found in or near star system.

What specifically is a Star Gate?

A Star gate is a Portal
from one grid program/ realm/ dimension to another.  Another view of a star gate is as an etheric inter-dimensional spiritual energy alignment between two points in interstellar space, which allows high vibrational energies to pass through long distances of space along the space-time continuum.  These alignments are particularly crucial at this time as the vibration of the Earth is speeding up as we enter the Photon Belt.

A Star gate
allows high vibrational interstellar energies to permeate the etheric grids of the Earth, with ease and grace, thus allowing the energies to integrate fully into the forming etheric grid structures of the Earth.  These Sacred Site entry vortexes are opened once every 3 months on the equinoxes and solstices, and other times of sacred significance and astrological alignment in Earth's current history.

How do these Energies work?

Using the connections of group consciousness, and performing the Star gate meditation at these times (and others as called for), allows a coordinated group consciousness to connect singly and individually. This consciousness then acts as thousands of points of light on the planetary surface of the physical earth and creating therefore Spiritual Healing Power. By each individual, making their own connection through Meditation, Reiki, Prayers or Energy Transmissions in the way which is perfect for them, they are creating the linkages to the Great Consciousness which is formed by everyone performing this at the same moment.  This consciousness linkage allows this intense subatomic etheric energy of the Stargate to enter the etheric earth's "atmosphere", connect through the multiple layers of the Earth's etheric energy field, flow into the Christ Consciousness grid, through the consciousness of the individual participants, and into the etheric crystalline Core of the Earth herself. In this way, the intense beam of etheric photon energies is dissipated, allowing the Earth to harmonize and balance this shift with ease and grace.

This allows us, inhabitants of the physical Earth plane, to assist in
shifting the "reality" of the "doom and gloom " predictions of catastrophic physical earth changes. The shift in reality occurs when the group consciousness facilitates the dispersing the high intense energies which might have caused the Earth to "rock and roll". This "rock and roll" effect could have been due, in part, to incompatible absorption of these energies into the physical layers of the Earth herself. This is not to say, that all of these effects are to be shifted. These shifts can only occur when they are in total and complete harmonious alignment with the Greater Ascension Plan of Source as transmitted to us by Source and those beings whose mission it is to assist Earth through this process. These shifts are, actually, only a shift to realign an imbalance in he Earth which already existed. We are asked only to realign things back to the original balance point of perfection, no matter if it is the planet, a human , or an incident on the
surface of the Earth. It is the BALANCE POINT , the point of Zero Polarity, the Null Zone, that we seek to restore. And it is the connection, to Source, in perfection that we seek. For we are all messengers of the light, vehicles of Source's plan, and intimately connected, to each other, as ONE....

Higher levels of Consciousness Connections

In bringing in these energies to the physical Earth plane and anchoring them into the etheric Earth grid systems, we are raising the vibrational frequencies of these physical and etheric structures of the Earth. By doing so, those who are sensitive to these energies are able to raise their personal vibrations, aura, chakras  and remember these higher frequencies within their own energy fields, and that of the Earth as well. This remembrance allows the human energy field to reactivate and move us along to the next level of consciousness connection, thus advancing our path of spiritual remembrance.

By realigning these human fields to the perfect field ratios of the human energy field and the Mer-Ka-Bah field, we will come closer and closer to achieving our own person Balance Point, and Zero Polarity, and Null Zone. By holding this field in perfection constantly in both our physical and enteric bodies, we remember the Light Bodies which we truly have. Our remembrance will allow us to open and access newer energies and shift the etheric structures of our physical bodies...bringing us closer and closer to the Galactic Bodies of Light which we truly are. These alignments help to rebalance and accelerate not only the Earth and her spiritual healing process, but our own.

They allow us to connect on very high frequency levels to the perfection of the Earth and Ourselves... as ONE consciousness, bound in infinite time and space to the Source of All.