Principles of Existence

Principles of Existence

  • We come from God, were fallen into the material realm, rescued through Jesus Christ on the cross and return back to God.
  • To go back to God we are invited to accept Jesus Christ as our saviour. With this act we attract the Holy Spirit who, from now on, will form our life and develops our Christ consciousness.
  • Other options are given to the Searchers of Truth – since there are many ways back home.( Magic, Mystics, Schamanism, Taoism etc.)
  • It takes us many life to succeed since we fall under the law of karma. That means we have to balance the physical, emotional and mental body as well as to balance our bad deeds in life.
  • In order to balance and improve our ‘I AM’ we choose  a program and reality that fits our ‘learning steps’. We start with our existing reincarnated pre-program and intend to grow in a more spiritual maturity.
  • Reality is a series of grid programs created by the pattern of sacred geometry – the architecture of the universe -  through which we experience.
  • The reality and grid programs are created through the energies of 12 pyramids that are multidimensionally linked to the Great Pyramid. This reflects in the 12 Strand DNA and the 12 Chakras which determine our life. It acts as a space-time clock that links the grids and gives them consciousness and stores its information in the akashic records.

The six pairs of strands are called the 12-strand spiritual DNA. In the 12-strand system, the first pair is physical and the other five pairs of strands are non-physical energy imprints in the human energy field.

1st Pair: governs the creation of all aspects of our physical body. It controls our genetic patterning, our physical body, our predisposition to certain health conditions, our aging process, our metabolism and much more.

2nd Pair: governs our emotional body. It creates and controls our genetic emotional profile as well as our predisposition to certain emotional conditions. For example, it governs our EQ (our emotional intelligence), determines whether we will be a type A or a type B personality and determines whether we will be introverted or extroverted.

3rd Pair: governs our mental body. It controls our genetic mental profile and determines whether our mental energy be directed toward logical, linear, rational thinking (as in a scientist or an engineer) or toward the intuitive, artistic expression. Furthermore, it controls whether we will be primarily optimistic or primarily pessimistic.

4th Pair: governs our soul. It controls our karmic patterning and our genetic soul profile.
Karmic patterning refers to the karmic pre-conditioning that we have brought into this lifetime to work with and master. Specifically, it includes karmic wounds, issues or lessons that were not resolved or completed in past lifetime experiences and which will re-manifest in this lifetime to give us with an opportunity to resolve them.
Genetic soul profile governs our soul's mission. It determines what soul level archetypal pattern we will have. For example will we be destined to be a leader, healer, builder, teacher, student, warrior, monastic, parent, etc? Furthermore, it contains a profile of the experiences we are to have, the wisdom we are to develop, the spiritual strengths we are to master, the service we are to provide to others and the path we are to take to find pure joy.

5th Pair: governs our soul cluster and controls the movement and timing of specific souls within a soul cluster to seek and find each other to the mutual fulfillment of their souls purpose.

6th Pair: governs all of creation and aligns your 12-strand DNA with divine will.

Healing of physical or spiritual pain based on your karma or created in your life is essential for us to move forward. You are a part of us –as we are a part of you. We will offer the path of detoxification diet, bodywork, pranic distant healing and breathing – all through the alignement of ENERGY HEALING power, the HOLY SPIRIT and your ‘I AM’ reality. ‘I AM’ is the GOD in you,  located in your heart.

  • In the akashic records we can read our karma.
  • Our dreamtime and meditation can lead us to other realms or grids where you experience your reality as an illusion because ‘You’ are existing in many realties. Your soul is experiencing in several realities simultaneously – but to grow in spiritual maturity and harmonizing all bodies.
  • Atlantis, Lemuria and Egypt play a crucial role in the creation of realities, since Thoth - the god of creation who moved through the realities as a teacher called himself ‘Atlantean’. He created the pyramid grids; taught as the later Hermes and Merlin as the master magicians. 
  • The PYRAMID is the HOLY BIBLE  written in stone.  There comes an end time when our creators will supposedly return - Jesus - aliens - among others depending which program of thought you follow. At this time there will be a judgement - balance needed after which the souls move on - into another reality of light and higher frequency of thought and understanding - where the emotional nonsense that drives people crazy in the third dimension - ceases to exist and all is understood. We sense that time approaching.
  • The spiritualhealingpower-guide will give you all important tools to understand who you are, why you are, what you can do and what you should not do.
  • Most important – everything is different as what this world -mass consciousness-wants you to make believe.